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Gag Punishment Make Her Gag

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There are times when the heat of the moment makes you get all caught up in the action, and you sometimes forget to do things properly. Examples of such forgetfulness are forgetting to turn off the iron while getting ready to go out on the town; leaving the things you put on a counter or bench when hurrying to go someplace; and like our next video, not properly undressing while deep throating a large dick that can make you gag! Our beautiful brunette makes this lapse as she apparently gags on the stud’s massive manhood, while still wearing her clothes. Our stud doesn’t take kindly to this, and as a sign of his irritation, gently slaps the brunette as his penis make her gag, as punishment for her oversight.

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She takes her “punishment’ like a trooper, even when one of his slaps almost makes her gag on his penis as she deep throats it, her chin touching his balls as she moves her head back and forth while she takes his dick into her hungry mouth. In fact, it seems that she actually kind of enjoys it, giving a big smile, or as big a smile as she can with a large penis in her mouth as she deep throats it. Our determined brunette is not one to let a couple of slaps get her down, and proceeds to give our stud one hell of a great deep throat blowjob!

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So if you want to know more about this Throat Gaggers action, just click here and enjoy this deep throat blowjob video. From full version of this hardcore movie you could see does his huge cock make her gag or this whore could shallow it for full length till his balls.

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